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Kieger is an independent asset manager that designs solutions for clients who care about making a positive difference, towards a more sustainable world.

Our Purpose

CARE is the bold philosophy we live and work by. ‘To care’ is engrained in our origins. To us, caring is an all-encompassing spirit. It captures the purity of focus and dedication we give to clients, ourselves and the world. It expresses our continuous striving to make a positive difference through everything we do. Our purposeful approach is reflected in our work, resulting in holistic and tailor-made investment solutions for our clients that genuinely benefit everyone.
We call it “dare to care”.

Our Values



We are ambitious. We use our talent, skills and enthusiasm to challenge the status quo whenever possible and to enable advancement for everyone working with and for us. We are catalysts for innovation and positive societal change. We are excited to invest for the good and help shape the future.

Positive Difference


We are truly dedicated professionals. Our client-focus is felt by everyone we engage with. We take the ownership of our client relationships to heart. Each of our areas of expertise is managed by specialists with long investment experience and deep knowledge. The collaboration between our teams leverages this knowledge and provides our clients with holistic, tailor-made and transparent investment solutions.


Positive Difference

We take our responsibility to our stakeholders and the wider world seriously. Together with our clients, we make a positive difference beyond monetary returns. We aim to have a positive impact on future generations, enabling them to live in a better world. Making a positive difference for the future of our world is the fundamental mindset which underpins all our thoughts and actions.

Investment Solutions


Healthcare is a dynamic sector with strong, unique long-term drivers and proven resilience to economic volatility. Thanks to in-depth knowledge and experience across all the different subsectors, Kieger has established itself as a holistic specialist Healthcare asset manager.

Sustainability & Impact

Sustainability is of paramount importance to Kieger. We integrate ESG criteria into our financial analysis so as to minimise downside risks, maximise upside potential and, more generally, address social and environmental changes that are reshaping the planet. It is our way of contributing to a brighter future for all.

Private Equity

Kieger is a long-standing investor in «Mittelstand» companies, as well as leading Private Equity funds worldwide. We also manage one of the first Private Equity fund of funds dedicated to Healthcare.

Multi Asset

Kieger designs and manages diversified Multi Asset portfolios utilising a broad range of asset classes and thematic investment products. Our seasoned team has a long track record in selecting managers to implement innovative strategies with our global partners.


Environmental, social and corporate governance
27. March 2023

Kieger Sustainable Business: Corporate climate commitments and implications for investors

A sole focus on exclusions does not provide a good basis for achieving the financial or the sustainability objectives of investors. Find out more in Panagiota Balfousia's video!

24. March 2023

Kieger Healthcare Chart of the Month

Detecting cancer early on can make such a big difference. The good news is that cancer screening will get much easier in the future.

8. March 2023

International Women's Day

At Kieger, we are proud to have a diverse and talented team of women who bring valuable skills and perspectives to our work. We believe that gender equality is not only a moral imperative, but also a business imperative, and we are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our operations.


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