HeadquartersLimmatstrasse 264, 8005 Zurich
Legal formAktiengesellschaft
Zurich commercial registerCHE-114.436.143
VAT IDCHE-114.436.143 MWST
Board of DirectorsAndrea Broggini (Chairman), Bernhard Binzegger (Vice President), Matthias Mosler, Peter Ochsner, Veronica Monroi Galaz
AuditorErnst & Young AG
Supervisory authoritySwiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA)
Regulatory statusAsset manager of collective investment schemes
Headquarters11, Rue Beck, L-1222 Luxemburg
Legal formSociété Anonyme
Commercial registerB-144481
Registre de Commerce et des Sociétés Luxembourg
VAT IDLU23482947
Board of DirectorsArthur Philippe (Chairman), Thierry Pascault, Pascal Schiltz, Lorenzo Trezzini

Ernst & Young SA

Supervisory authorityCommission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) www.cssf.lu
Regulatory status

Management company authorised pursuant to Chapter 16 of the Luxembourg law of 17 December 2010 on undertakings for collective investment (UCIs). The purpose of the Company is the creation, administration and management of Luxembourg abd/or foreign UCIs, including specialised investment funds (SIF) organized under the Luxembourg law of 13 February 2007.

Alternative investment fund manager authorised pursuant to Chapter 2 of the Luxembourg law of 12 July 2013 (the "2013 Law") on alternative investment fund managers (AIFM). The purpose is to act as designated management company and/or manager of alternative investment funds ("AIFs") within the meaning of Directive 2011/61/EU and Chapter 2 of the Luxembourg the 2013 law.

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