We offer institutional investors customised investment solutions across all asset classes.

Our core competencies include portfolio structuring, the selection of asset managers as well as the preparation of risk/return profiles and their monitoring.

To structure customised portfolios, we can draw on our own portfolio of funds, develop new products or exclusively configure third-party offerings, as desired by our customers. Needless to say, it is also possible to combine all these options. We believe that creativity and flexibility are key to creating truly customised solutions.

Thanks to the diversified expertise of our team, we are always able to select the best and most experienced asset managers in the international capital market, including specialist niche providers.

Our customers’ expectations regarding the rate of return need to be matched with their risk appetite. This process can be managed only in close cooperation between the customer and our team.

Portfolio structure – a variety of options that can be combined as desired by customers

  • Kieger’s proprietary endowment portfolio
  • Kieger’s proprietary funds in different asset classes
  • Customised (white label) funds
  • Third-party fund products

Portfolio investments – different options suitable for broad diversification

  • Asset class (shares, government or corporate bonds, real estate, hedge funds, commodities, private equity)
  • Investment type (active, passive)
  • Investment markets (developed markets, emerging countries)
  • Investment focus (global, regional, sector-specific, topic-oriented)
  • Share market focus (blue chip, large cap, mid cap)

Manager selection – solid criteria, robust process

  • Qualitative analysis (investment philosophy, investment process, sector experience, stability)
  • Quantitative analysis (historic performance, risk appetite, peer group benchmarking)

Risk diversification – continuous monitoring, clearly defined rules

  • Monitoring (compliance with investment guidelines, fulfilment of return expectations)
  • Manager control (stability, consistency of the investment approach, business performance)
  • Benchmarking, peer group comparisons
  • Anticipation of market developments
  • Consideration of regulatory changes
  • Regular adjustment of investment strategy

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