Kieger Healthcare Monthly Commentary – October

Robust US retail sales and a strong job market have heightened inflation expectations, prompting Jerome Powell to emphasize vigilance against prolonged inflation risks. On top Middle East events have added another layer of risk. In healthcare, insurers (Managed Care Organisations/MCOs) have proven more resilient, while other perceived safe havens like Pharma have not performed as well after several large caps dipped heavily on results. Q3 reporting is underway (>40% of firms done) and so far medtech and MCOs experienced the strongest (aggregated) beats, while Tools disappointed most.

ESMO Conference – Oncology

Oncology is progressing rapidly. What we sensed already in June at the ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology) conference in Chicago was confirmed and even more pronounced at last weekend’s ESMO (European Society for Medical Oncology) congress in Madrid. Find out what the roaring 20’s of oncology are about.

Kieger Healthcare Chart of the Month


🚀 Dive into our newest Chart of the Month as Guy Bettschart, CFA, CAIA goes beyond the headlines, exploring the long-term impact of vaccine innovation in light of the recent Nobel Prize recognition’s. Don’t just skim the surface; get the deeper insights.

36th ECNP Congress – Mental health

The 36th ECNP Congress confirmed that mental health disorders are complex, systemic diseases which are difficult to treat. However, nature might offer a solution to deal with this complexity. Find out more.

Kieger Healthcare Monthly Commentary – September

Markets have continued to process and extrapolate the future impact of further GLP-1 penetration, with almost no industry spared by analysts.

Expectations of higher rates for longer has boosted managed care companies but has been tough on small-cap biotech companies.

Kieger Healthcare Chart of the Month

How would a world with less obese people look like? Find some hints in our Chart of the Month.

GLP-1’s (Glucagon-like Peptide-1) are peptide hormones which are used to treat obesity and diabetes. Given as injections these drugs can reduce body weight by 15-20%.

Kieger Healthcare Monthly Commentary – August

What mattered this month in healthcare? The readout of the SELECT study was the single biggest healthcare event of the month. The results may open the door to wide reimbursement for GLP-1 weight-loss drugs. This led to an overreaction with significant price movements amongst many companies as markets just made blanket assumptions of a healthier, thinner world. Find out more in our monthly healthcare newsletter.

Kieger Healthcare Chart of the Month

Remarkable Strides in Breast Cancer Survival: A Look at the Last Few Decades 🎗️📈 Intersted in knowing more? Check out Maria Specogna’s latest chart of the month video!